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Frequent Training Disc.

We appreciate your choice in education training and to show our appreciation of your support we have implemented the Frequent Training Program.  Your continued choice in training will be rewarded with a lower training cost.   See details below.

Frequent Training Program – C&M Enterprises is offering a $20.00 credit for returning attendees.  If you have attended a C&M Enterprises publically offered training event anytime after January 1st of the previous year, you can save $20.00 on new training classes you sign up for (subject to verification).


-When you register for a class, upon verification that you have attended one of our training classes anytime after January 1st of the previous year, you are eligible for a $20.00 Frequent Training Discount.  The discount is only applicable for full day training sessions of 6 or 8 hours.  The discount does not apply to 4 hours or less training sessions.

Discounts for FTP are not automatic, it is up to each company or individual to call or e-mail C&M Enterprises to request verification and credit. The FTP Discount must be requested by the date of the training, it is not retroactive.

-If you plan to pay by check, call for advance verification.

-For companies funding employee training, upon verification of your previous funding for employee training with C&M Enterprises after January 1st of the previous year, you will be eligible for a $20.00 per attendee discount



*Discount is subject to verification of past attendance, the attendee name and training city location is necessary for verification.

*Frequent Training Program is subject to change and/or discontinuation at any time.

*Credit cannot be applied with any other discount offer.  e.g. When registering for a 2-day event, you will be eligible for one $20.00 discount, not two.

If you have any questions regarding the Frequent Training Program, or your eligibility, please call or e-mail.